Vladimir Putin Has Autism, Pentagon Intelligence Reveals

Vladimir Putin Has Autism, Pentagon Intelligence Reveals
Vladimir Putin Red Square – That’s My Boy!! Хорошо, молодец!!! IoSonoUnaFotoCamera / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Russian Vladimir Putin has autism specifically defined as Asperger’s syndrome, according to a classified research conducted for the Pentagon.


The condition made it hard for the president to handle activities involving large crowd or gathering.

“If you need to do things with him, you don’t want to be in a big state affair but more of one-on-one situation someplace somewhere quite,” Dr. Stephen Porges was cited as saying in the 2011 report obtained by USA Today.

putin IoSonoUnaFotoCamera Vladimir Putin Has Autism, Pentagon Intelligence Reveals
Image from Flickr by IoSonoUnaFotoCamera


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Porges advised for U.S. officials to choose locations that are quieter if they would want to successfully interact with Mr Putin. People with such condition have the tendency to be defensive in large gatherings as revealed by their tensed behavior and facial expressions, the doctor said.

Behavioral analysis of Mr Putin was conducted by researchers contracted for the Office of Net Assessment or ONA. ONA is an in-house think tank working for the Pentagon and is helping the Defense Department to strategize its military operations.

In the report, expert Brenda Connors concluded that Mr Putin’s “neurological development was significantly interrupted in infancy.” Connors is an expert in movement pattern analysis at the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, according to the USA Today.

“The Russian President carries a neurological disorder,” Connor was quoted as writing after her comprehensive analysis of Mr Putin’s movement.

However, the report came with a disclaimer: the researchers involved cannot prove their theory because a brain scan of Mr Putin is needed to do so. The report had just cited analysis by autism experts as source for their study. USA Today did not find out whether Pentagon acted on the information.

Porges, whom USA Today was able to reached, said he had not gotten hold of the final report. With this, he “would back off saying he [Putin] has Asperger’s,” USA Today said.

The study of Mr Putin’s behavior was conducted in 2008 and the report came in 2011. The timeline was strange as the U.S and the European Union have only begun putting Mr Putin under watch following his annexation of Crimea in March of 2014.



  • Max Rabbit

    Oh my..what is this stupidity? This must be a new low for you propaganda producing fools. Oh how this made me laugh.

  • davidgary1

    Keanu Reaves has Aspergers, so what? Putin is ten times the leader Obama is and has a 90% approval rating in Russia. Putin has Christian values unlike most of the Washington war mongering luciferains. Why don’t you do an article on that? The levels you go to to spread your lies and propaganda beggars belief.

  • Dutch

    Yea and aspergers are known for thinking outside the box, being above normal intelligence and having strong psychic abilities able to recognise liars and cheats. They also have a sense of trust and honour or doing the right thing. They can literally read minds in many cases. 2 researchers studied kids independently. One studied bright kids whose intelligence changed society. Another studied kids who could not function. Both found these children were receiving huge amounts of data from their environment. Lacking the normal inhibitors that normal people have. Those that can process the data are in the Asperger, functional spectrum and those who cannot function with data overload are in the lower functional areas. If correct about Putin, then he sees you coming a mile away. Something like or is Sherlock Holmes. Processing huge amounts of data your unaware of. Look at the Asperger rat experiments. They put 2 rats in a round barrel – one Asperger and one normal. The normal rat goes round and round looking for a way out. The Asperger follows for awhile. and then starts back tracking and climbing the walls. The normal rat keeps going round and round. While the other experiments with methods to get out. Behaviourists say we should follow each other round and round to be cohesive and work together. I say we should find a way out. I think Putin is out thinking the normal politicians and creating something new in honour and trust. If he is Asperger he won’t want to let those who rely or trust him down. Do not doubt Aspergers change society.