Vladimir Putin Attacks NATO, US With Reproachful Tirades

Vladimir Putin Attacks NATO, US With Reproachful Tirades
At meeting on investigation into the crash of a Russian airliner over Sinai President of Russia / Flickr cc by 4.0

President Vladimir Putin launched a barrage of tirades attacking his long-time foes: the United States and NATO. He blamed the great number of wars and crises around the world to his old-time enemies. He said that for the last 25 years since the Berlin Wall fell, the world is perishing for one single mistake that U.S. and NATO committed: their obsession to reign.


For the past 25 years, the world is enduring wars and crises because both U.S. and NATO have one thing in mind: “They wanted to reign,” Mr. Putin said. The greatest mistake that brought the current wars and perils being experience by millions of people was because NATO and U.S. expanded eastwards, the Russian president said.

NATO and U.S. are dividing Europe by welcoming more and more countries into the Alliance while it could do otherwise, Mr. Putin told German Newspaper Bild. He said that while America and NATO is correct in saying that each country has the right to join the Alliance, the discretion whether a membership poses global security remains solely on NATO.

“We have heard a thousand times the mantra from American and European politicians, who say ‘each country has the right to choose its own security arrangements,’ it is also true that other countries have the right to make decisions to expand their own organization, act as they consider appropriate in terms of global security,” Mr. Putin said as translated on his official website. “Leading NATO members could have said: ‘We are happy that you want to join us, but we are not going to expand our organization, we see the future of Europe in a different way,’” he said more.

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Mr. Putin went on with his tirades: “”The (NATO’s) Charter is written by people, isn’t it? Does the Charter say that NATO is obliged to admit everyone who would like to join? No,” he said. “If there had been political will, if they had wanted to, they could have done anything. They just did not want to. They wanted to reign,” Mr. Putin declared.

Asked whether Russia too committed mistakes in the past 25 years after the Berlin Wall fell, Mr. Putin said yes. “We have failed to assert our national interests, while we should have done that from the outset. Then the whole world could have been more balanced,” the Russian president said.

Mr. Putin’s reproachful words drew quick response from NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow. The secretary said Mr. Putin is wrong in his claim that the Alliance’s missile defense system is aimed against Russia. The missile system was aimed against the growing missiles threats against Europe in general. As for NATO’s welcoming of new members, he said that the history has proved that the open door policy was a success.

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  • Regula

    NATO should be abolished. It is nothing more than “the foot soldiers” for the US wars for hegemony. Or as Chomsky put it: NATO is an intervention forces. That quote alone make it clear that NATO has lost its genuine function. And it is of course obvious that NATO’s missiles in the EU are pointed at Russia – who else is there to use them on?