Vladimir Putin Arrested In Florida: He Screamed, Refused To Leave Grocery Store

Vladimir Putin Arrested In Florida: He Screamed, Refused To Leave Grocery Store
Titusville Publix brownpau CC BY 2.0
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On August 21, police were summoned at a downtown West Palm Beach Publix by the manager of the store asking for help to remove a man from the store’s patio.


This man, who identified himself as Vladimir Putin (not to be confused with the president of Russia, who has the same name), went inside the store and started shouting at the employees. According to the police report, Putin left the store but eventually returned and continued screaming at the employees.

Vladimir Putin arrested: Police asked intruder asked to leave

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As reported by the Palm Beach Post, officers arrived at the store and asked the intruder to leave. However, the man refused to leave, saying he had missed his ride. He did not give the police a home address.

Putin was charged with trespassing after warning and resisting without violence. He was arrested by the West Palm Beach Police.

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Putin, who shares the same name as the Russian President, refused to provide the police any personal information. He has been listed as a John Doe.

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Vladimir Putin arrested: Intruder held in county jail

As reported by WPTV, court records reveal he has been held in the Palm Beach County Jail on a $1,000 bond.

On Monday, he was ordered by a judge to take a mental health evaluation. While his real name or address has not been made clear, the police say the intruder is 48 years old.

Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Davis said it was not clear whether Putin had retained a lawyer.

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