Viv, The New Voice Assistant is Better Than Siri

Viv, The New Voice Assistant is Better Than Siri
With UK English Siri understands me much better Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr cc
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Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are running against time to integrate the best interactive voice assistant into their consumer products. But a new company is about to step over these tech conglomerate with a new and improved artificial intelligence (AI).


A report on Washington Post has confirmed the new rival voice assistant as Viv, the software was developed by the geeks who also invented Siri and sold it to Apple in 2010. Furthermore, the developers are all set to demonstrate Viv in a tech conference on Monday.

Unlike Siri, The new voice assistant is believed to have the ability to handle tasks that require a 3 or 4 steps process. Confused what it could be? Ordering a pizza would be the best example as the Viv creators did. The Viv doesn’t direct you to the pizza website. But instead, it asks you what topping would you like? It goes on to ask more reasonable questions, at the end, it doesn’t require you to make a phone call but instead it completes the order by itself.

The concept of voice assistant is starting to catch up to the trend from the time Apple introduce it in iPhone. Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google Now are still trying to improve the technology and make the software a necessity to help people manage task at ease rather than use the technology as a play toy.

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As excited as we are, Viv still hasn’t confirmed if the software will be introduced as an app or will it be integrated with a mobile company. In other words, the developers haven’t confirmed if the software will be put on a auction or would be run by the creators themselves. Viv already has 50 third party services linked with the software, enabling the users to catch an Uber, get flowers delivered from FTD and many others.

Dag Kittlaus, co-founder of Siri told the post, “Our goal is ubiquity, there’s no way to predict where that goes except to say we’ll pick the path that gets us there. Either way, we will finish the job.”

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