Viral Video: Greenville High School Teacher Dragged Student By Hair

Viral Video: Greenville High School Teacher Dragged Student By Hair
Huntington Bank Robbery Greenville Daily News / Flickr cc
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In a disturbing video that seem to be going viral all over the internet, an adult woman is seen dragging a child by her hair. The same adult is seen in yet another video posted to Facebook by one Kesha Williams, hitting the child in the head.


The adult seen in the video is a Mississippi school teacher, and the victim, the girl is a student of Greenville High School.

The child has been reported as a special-needs student, and people from all over the world are condemning this brutal treatment meted out on the little girl, the channel further added.

An investigation is being conducted by both Greenville Police Department and the Greenville Public School District board. Although Superintendent Dr. Leeson M. Taylor II refuses to comment on the teacher’s current status, he however condemns the incident calling it “shocking”, and added that such behavior would not be tolerated, reported News 3.

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“We will operate in a manner that’s conducive to maintaining a safe environment. We’re not going to have any disruptions to that environment, and whatever actions that we’ve taken has been in line with that,” said the police superintendent.

A representative of the Greenville Police Department confirmed that the ‘district will take disciplinary action against the school teacher only after the investigation’ and that the department cannot divulge further details until then.

Here is the viral video.

Statutory Warning: Video contains graphic content that may shock, offend and upset.

This is the second video posted to Facebook by Kesha Williams.

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