[Viral] McDonald’s Taiwan Cute Girl Cashier Has Everyone Going Crazy

[Viral] McDonald’s Taiwan Cute Girl Cashier Has Everyone Going Crazy
McDonald’s taiwan bizmac / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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A cashier working for McDonald’s Taiwan is taking social media by storm. Dubbed as “McDonald’s Taiwan Goddess,” the college student is now the talk of the town among guys around the world. Everyone is head over heels about her big round eyes and petite body frame.


Cute Girl in McDonald’s Taiwan

McDonald’s Taiwan is known for its staff dressing with maid’s outfits and cheerleader uniforms, Shanghaiist reported. However, one particular girl stands out at present.

Writing for RocketNews24, Joan Coello said that her guy friends kept talking about how cute Taiwanese girls are. These boys, however, are particularly going crazy about Wei Han Xu. Almost every guy describes Han Xu as “cutest McDonald’s goddess in Taiwanese history,” Coello wrote. The girl is also called Weiwei or Haitun which means dolphin, Coello said.

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Posted by 徐薇涵 小海豚 on Monday, March 16, 2015

According to Coello, Weiwei’s ticket to fame is Taiwanese blogger RainDog who first posted pictures of her. Her photos had since became viral and customers eventually flocked in the McDonald’s branch where Weiwei is working. Since then, more and more netizens were sharing her photos and numerous websites have reported about her.

Weiwei, the famous “McDonald’s Taiwan Goddess”

Weiwei is currently a college student and is working part-time at McDonald’s. But because of her fame, she had appeared on several Taiwanese programs. She had also nabbed some modeling gigs and her social media posts are always becoming viral.


Posted by 徐薇涵 小海豚 on Thursday, July 9, 2015

Elsewhere, big networks have already reported about Weiwei. She already made headlines in Yahoo UK, Australia’s News.com.au and UK’s Daily Mail and Mirror.

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