[Viral] Couple Broke Up Aboard Plane, Passenger Live Tweets Meltdown To Making Out #PlaneBreakUp

[Viral] Couple Broke Up Aboard Plane, Passenger Live Tweets Meltdown To Making Out #PlaneBreakUp
photo Tord Sollie / Unsplash.com
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The hashtag #Planebreakup went viral late Sunday. The story behind the hashtag involved a passenger live tweeting an actual break up happening inside the plane that got stranded at Raleigh Airport.


The guy, bored maybe, broke up with the girl and the drama unfolds from the airport up until the plane traveled into the sky. In a very awkward twist, the couple ended up making out while chugging glass after glass of vodka.

Live tweeting #PlaneBreakup

New Yorker Kelly Keegs had “the greatest plane delay” she ever had when a guy decided to call it quits to the disillusionment of his girlfriend. Keegs live tweeted the event and her tweets had since gone viral where everyone wanting to find out how the story will end.

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Keegs started her tweet by saying that the guy broke up with his girlfriend and the girl started sobbing. According to Keegs’ tweet, the guy “just can’t stand” his girlfriend; he just “can’t be near” her and if only he could “switch seats” he would.

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The guy even asked the girl if his decision really came as a surprise to her, saying, “Are you seriously surprised at this information?” To which the girl said, “it’s just so mean;”

“Why are you trying to bring this up?”

Just as the other passengers thought they heard enough, the girl then introduced an interesting twist to the argument. “I’m going to ask Charlotte. I’m going to ask her the minute we get home and we’ll see if your stories match,” the girl said.

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Just as the other passengers thought that the situation has gotten into the most awkward stage it could get, the couple then ordered six vodkas upon takeoff. The two “chugged them in silence between makeouts.”

Here’s the whole of Keegs’ tweets: