Violet Raseboya, Wife Caster Semenya: Facts and Cute Photos Together

Violet Raseboya, Wife Caster Semenya: Facts and Cute Photos Together
Caster Semenya and Violet Raseboya sexyvio_1/ Instagram
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Caster Semenya made headlines after a comfortable win at the Women’s 800 metres in 2016 Rio Olympics. However, being hyperandrogenic she may not be able to achieve that win again. The South African athlete has also faced criticisms over her sexuality, not only in respect to her participation in the race but also in regard to her marriage to fellow runner Violet Ledile Raseboya.


The couple reportedly got married in December last year. However, there are conflicting claims about the marriage with some media reporting it was just an engagement ceremony and not a wedding. According to Sport 24, there have been reports that Caster Semenya and Violet Raseboya got engaged in May 2014.

“I just got married a few months ago,” Semenya was quoted as saying by Sunday Times earlier this year. “With the support I get from my training partners, my wife, coach, fellow South Africans and the support system at the university, there’s no way you can’t be happy.”

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The couple has known each other since they were teenagers. While Semenya was sweating it out at Rio, Raseboya threw full support behind her through Instagram.

“You the most person I always look up to.Very brave, strong, caring, humble and kind You are ur own CEO,” she wrote in one post.

In another she wrote, “I choose u And I’ll choose u over and over without pause Without a doubt I’ll keep choosing u You are my inspiration My motivator My supporter My Stregth GOODLUCK MASAI, GOODLUCK THEKU DO UR BEST AND GOD WILL DO THE REST…….”

It was eight long years of an on and off relationship before Caster Semenya and Violet Raseboya became serious about each other two years ago.

“Last year, when I told her I was ready to send my family to hers, she was happy, excited, she could not wait. We’ve been good friends. Relationships are all about a good friendship.”

According to a report by New York Times, Semenya was prohibited from entering the competition without undergoing tests confirming her gender. One of the Olympic officials even alleged that she was not 100 percent woman.

Despite these controversies, Violet Raseboya are Caster Semenya quite happy together. Below are some of their cute photos:

With my training partner,my better half,my happiness#menbae#casvioourbrand#oratajwang!

A photo posted by Ledile Violet (@sexyvio_1) on

Sorrounded by great people

A photo posted by Ledile Violet (@sexyvio_1) on


A photo posted by Ledile Violet (@sexyvio_1) on

A photo posted by Ledile Violet (@sexyvio_1) on


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  • SkyLark Phillips

    Look at what we are doing. We are celebrating the destruction of women’s sports. This is the issue, and stop insulting our intelligence. The whole world knows that Semenya shouldn’t be competing against female athletes. The high levels of testosterone that produce the typical male muscle development is caused by internal testes. Semenya has no ovaries and uterus. My heart aches for the women who were cheated. Caster is a cheat that did not deserve a gold medal. I guess we shouldn’t be too hard on the Olympics. After all, it’s one big doping and cheating scandal after another. They are just getting more creative. We got doping and cheating scandals, and athletes who go on wild drunken sprees. Cheats the lot of them. The Olympics means nothing. It’s a farce. There is no reason for females to even compete. Just screen for intersex type conditions in genetic males like Caster. This would even be cheaper than doping. Pretty soon they will have some kind of human hybrid via gene editing. Don’t tell me they won’t try. All we have to do is look at the history of the Olympics.
    Caster Semenya is a cheat, and the Olympics is one drugging and doping scandal after another. They always find a way to cheat the competition. This is why I have will NEVER watch the Olympics again.