Viola Davis Reveals Birth Home’s Horrific History; Recalls Poverty, Believes She Had A Happy Life

Viola Davis Reveals Birth Home’s Horrific History; Recalls Poverty, Believes She Had A Happy Life
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Viola Davis rose to fame in the movie industry and unbelievably she came from literally nothing. The Suicide Squad actress revealed that she grew up in Central Falls, Rhode Island. She was born in St. Matthews, South Carolina in an old plantation called Singleton Plantation.


According to Atlanta Black Star, she was born in her grandmother’s home, which she describes as a one-room shack in the middle of a huge old plantation. Her family left the place shortly after she was born.

She revealed in The Jess Cagle interview that she visits the place. Her memory of the place became horrible when she was able to read a story of an enslaved African who used to live there.  It was a one-hundred-sixty acre property. Most of Viola Davis’ uncles and cousins were farmers and her grandfather is a sharecropper in the vast plantation.

The actress relives her difficult but memorable life. In fact, she keeps a snap of the old shack in her phone. She said that it was a beautiful picture. She added that they had no running water back then and lacks the necessary amenities. However, her family embraced the fun in life.

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She recalled with fondness that when she was born all her relatives were in their small shack. Everyone was laughing, drinking and having fun. After she was born, her mother ate onion, sardine, mustard and sandwich only.

What makes happy of the nostalgia was that all of those inside the house were so happy when she was delivered. The joy they had in an undesirable environment was so intense. Her birth brought celebration to her family. She said the happiness of her family does not depend on material things.

After they left the plantation, they lived in Central Falls. Her life then was on poverty and dysfunction.

The 50-year-old actress plays the role of Amanda Waller, the government agent that formed Suicide Squad. The movie was released in August 5.

What made Viola Davis a remarkable actress? They are the stuff that she learned very early in life.

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