‘Vikings’ Season 4B Spoilers: Ragnar A Stranger In Own Kingdom?

‘Vikings’ Season 4B Spoilers: Ragnar A Stranger In Own Kingdom?
Ragnar and Lagertha from Vikings / Facebook

“Vikings” Season 4B will see Ragnar coming back to his kingdom. This was hinted by the show creator, Michael Hirst.


Ragnar will comeback “Vikings” Season 4B. Reportedly, the second half of season 4 will feature him in some tear jerking episodes.

According to HofMag, there will be a reckoning between the two brothers, Ragnar and Rollo. Ragnar Lothbrok already knew that his brother has betrayed him.

Aside from his episodes with Rollo, Ragnar will usher in a return to his kingdom, not the same Ragnar but a few years older because he spent a couple of years away from Kattegat.

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Since he left Kattegat, many changes happened to the place. He became a stranger in his own kingdom. It has become a huge commercialized place.

His return will see his sons conflicting reactions; some are happy but the rest are bitter because he abandoned them. His sons will be grownups by this time.

Hirst also explained why Ragnar was defeated and left for a couple of years to allow his sons to grow up.

According to The BitBag, Ivar The Boneless will be in the limelight being the most valiant son and famous son. He is the son who will become more famous than his father and Ragnar Lothbrok will set his eyes on him.

He might train his son to become the best warrior to fulfill his promise that a day will come when the world will know and fear Ivar The Boneless. Eventually, he will become the king.

One character that will shine is Lagertha. Hirst said that she will be the soul of the show in the second half of the season. She will be doing something extraordinary and unexpected because she will be reclaiming what she believes is hers. Her plan will determine her life and the lives of the other characters.

“Vikings” Season 4Bseason 4B will air right after “Game of Thrones” ends probably early July.

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