‘Vikings’ Season 4 News & Spoilers: New Trailer Released Ahead Of Comic-Con; Ragnar Dying?

‘Vikings’ Season 4 News & Spoilers: New Trailer Released Ahead Of Comic-Con; Ragnar Dying?
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Fans are still eagerly waiting for “Vikings” Season 4 to return from its mid-season break. That wait might be coming to an end as the hit series released a new trailer for the latter half of season 4 ahead of this year’s Comic-con.


Many have speculated that the mid-season break was due to Travis Fimmel’s stint at “Warcraft” the Movie. Others simply thought the historical drama wanted to avoid competition with the sixth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

According to ET Canada, before the cast sails to San Diego for this year’s Comiccon, the show released a new sneak peak to season 4B. It seems that there will be more bloodshed to come when the series returns.

From the looks of it, there will be more foes coming in the second half of the season. Will Ragnar’s end come at the hands of his own flesh and blood?

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Before “Vikings” Season 4 entered its season break, the story underwent a time-skip right after Ragnar Lothbrok’s defeat in the hands of his brother. In the latter half of the season, Ragnar’s sons are now grown men and their father has returned to Kattegat after years of absence.

When news arrived that the Viking village established in Wessex was wiped out it shocked Bjorn and Queen Aslaug. The revelation that Ragnar has hidden this information further antagonized them against him.

Now that he is weary, eccentric, and ill, many are planning to take his place as King. His wives Aslaug and Lagertha and his sons Bjorn and Ivar all believe that Ragnar is no longer fit to rule.

Will his son, fan favorite Ivar the Boneless succeed him as king? Will Ragnar retain his kingship? Will the story follow the historical accounts of the legendary Viking chieftain?

And will Vikings Season 4 return and give way to a royal bloodbath for the throne? Catch it when the series returns this fall only on History.

Watch the trailer here:


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