‘Vikings’ Season 4 Episode 11: Ragnar Craves Death?

‘Vikings’ Season 4 Episode 11: Ragnar Craves Death?
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“Vikings” are currently on its mid-season break and is set to return in the latter part of the year. The first half of the season showed Ragnar’s defeat at the hands of his brother Rollo after which he later returned to Kattegat visibly shaken.


According to Entertainment Weekly, this image of him is quite different from the dashing and brave man who sailed west and discovered a brand new future for his people. The current season has shown him to be a drug-dependant eccentric king which begs the question: is he finally sick of his world?

‘Vikings’ Season 4 Episode 11

Ragnar and death are what you would consider an odd couple. After his discovery of Britain, the incumbent ruler of Kattegat not only wanted to kill his friends but also nearly took his life. He lost those that are dear to him, his daughter, his unborn child, and Athelstan all died and could have taken a toll on him.

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His death seems to be such a possibility that during his conquest of Paris, he fooled not only the Parisians and his men but the viewers as well. They believed that he finally kicked the bucket and was contented with the circumstances of his passing and was fine with him leaving “Vikings.”

‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoilers

Recently, however, it seems that his death is something he seeks yet is denied again and again. He did not have to invade Paris a second time to prove that he is what the stories claim he is: a conqueror. Yet the he did not let Rollo’s betrayal get past him, he wanted him to pay and in the process end his life of torment.

After he was repelled, he was visibly shaken because not only did he fail to punish his brother’s betrayal, he failed to end his life in battle. The time skip revealed that after their return from Paris, he abandoned his duties and went on a journey only to return demanding that someone kill him and take his place as king.

This suicidal Ragnar Lothbrok will definitely be present when ‘Vikings’ returns from its mid-season break. Hopefully, something will change and return him from the glorious warrior that made the show interesting.

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