Video: Woman In Paris Attacks Escapes Death At Point Blank

Video: Woman In Paris Attacks Escapes Death At Point Blank
Gun Peter Anderson via Compfight cc
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Three CCTV clips reveal the hellish situation people at a restaurant endured as one of the gunmen responsible for the Paris attacks relentlessly fired his gun. In one of the footage, the suspect is seen aiming his gun to a woman at point blank.


The footage obtained exclusively by the Daily Mail show how customers are spending a normal afternoon at the restaurant eating with friends with the crew attending to them. Glass suddenly shatters, and everyone scrambles into hiding.

One footage shows the suspect, dressed casually in a blue T-shirt, aiming his AK47 at a young woman hiding under one of the patio tables. Fortunately, the bullets seem to have jammed and the woman has a  chance to escape her death.

Other customers run toward or from the restaurant. At the counter, a waitress can be seen protecting an elderly who is injured. She covers the elderly. When gunfire stops, the waitress courageously checks the surroundings before instructing the elderly to run for safety downstairs. She is the last one to hide downstairs. According to the Daily Mail, customers inside the restaurant miraculously escaped death.

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On Thursday, suspected mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud died in a police operation in Saint-Denis, CNN reported. The ninth suspect, however, remains on the loose, as Belgian authorities are still conducting raids around Brussels.

Police were able to trace Abaaoud’s whereabouts through his Moroccan parents, a source familiar with the investigation said, as reported by CNN. “Remember he’s Moroccan, his parents are Moroccan. We searched through methods we have, that our personnel have to inquire within France after it was known he was behind the attacks. From that, we found that he hadn’t left France, so he could prepare other attacks,” the insider revealed. Meanwhile, the FBI is closely monitoring people who show tendencies of attempting to stage a copycat attack in the U.S.