VIDEO: Sinkhole At Bus Stop In Chinese City Swallows 5 People

VIDEO: Sinkhole At Bus Stop In Chinese City Swallows 5 People
Point Buchon Sinkhole Paul Hamilton / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Five people were swallowed by a sinkhole in a northeastern Chinese city when the ground beneath them gave way. The event was captured by a security video camera and shared on social media.


China’s Xinhua news tweeted the video of the incident.

According to ABC News, three people fell straight into the 100-square foot hole, one woman clinging to the pipes underneath the sidewalk and another woman who was standing on the edge and fell sideways into the hole.

Sky News reported that the video footage was captured by surveillance cameras at a nearby noodle shop.

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Passersby rescued people out of the hole. Four people sustained injuries to their feet, legs, arms and shoulders, and were treated at a nearby hospital. A bus sign was also engulfed by the sinkhole.

The cause for the occurrence of the sinkhole is under investigation. Heavy rain leaking into the drain pipe under the bus stop is believed to be the cause for the opening. The sinkhole was fixed.

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