Top Video Game Releases On July 12: Mobile Suit Gundam, Ghostbusters, And More

Top Video Game Releases On July 12: Mobile Suit Gundam, Ghostbusters, And More
Video game retail store, consumerism at its finest. Bas de Reuver / Flickr cc
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July 12 seems to be a grand day for gamers. Several video game releases are scheduled today so prep your gaming platform as we give a rundown of the latest games hitting the shelves today!


Anarcute – PC, Xbox One, TBA Platforms

Anarcute is the cutest ultimate riot simulator. A portmanteau of the words anarchy and cute, you will lead up to 70 rioters against the system.

Made by Anarteam, a group of French video game creators, riot to your heart’s content to the point of destroying cities. The cuteness of the game is mainly due to the animal heads worn by the rioters to recognize themselves.

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Ghostbusters – Xbox One, PS4, PC

Just in time for the film’s release, Activision’s Ghostbusters will feature neither the old nor new cast. Instead, four new characters will battle the ghosts in this newest addition to the film’s video game franchise.

The game is similar to Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime where four players played cooperatively with each other. The Ghostbusters reboot premieres this July 15, 2016.

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS. Force – PS Vita

Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme vs. Force is a portable spin-off of the Extreme vs. series by Bandai Namco. The game is already availabe in Japan, with the international video game release having all  the updates already integrated into the game.

The playable units will include mobile suits and mobile armors from various Gundam animes. Retaining the standard 2v2 mode, the game also allows players to gather their own teams and engage in 6v6 gameplay.

Videoball – PC, Xbox One, PS4

Want a brief respite from the highly detailed video games on your collection? Videoball is definitely the game for you.

Videoball is a minimalist sports game from Action Button Entertainment; the gameplay resembles those of soccer. The game is the result of a dare to make a One-button Starcraft and uses a single analog stick.

Tumblestone – PS4 Wii U, PC

Tumblestone is the first original action-puzzle game of the past decade and a half. Race with your friends or challenge yourself with progressively more difficult puzzles in story mode.

If you have a certain liking to matching games with a bit more challenge or just a gamers who wants something different, Tumblestone is worth the try.

These are some of the video game releases this July 12. Check out your local game stores and Steam for copies and spend the next couple of hours on the couch.

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