Verizon Wireless Paying T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T Customers $650 To Switch

Verizon Wireless Paying T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T Customers $650 To Switch
Verizon Mike Mozart/ Flickr CC BY 2.0
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What's This?

Yes, you read that right. Verizon Wireless is offering $650 for customers to switch from other carriers like AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. The carriers have been trying different promotional strategies to increase their customer base. For the same reason, they were also selling smartphones at discounted rates during Black Fridays and Cyber Mondays.


So when will Verizon Wireless pay you $650 for switching? Here is how the company has put it on its website:

“New smartphone device payment activation & port-in req’d. Get up to $650 prepaid card for installment plan balance less trade-in value (or up to $350 prepaid card for early termination fees less trade-in value). Trade-in must be in good working condition and be worth more than $0. Line must remain active for 6 mos. Visa prepaid card mailed within 8 weeks after receipt of claim.”

Ready to switch to Verizon Wireless with your new device? Here is how to claim the offer:

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Buy a new smartphone, add it to your cart with a “monthly payment” scheme. You will then be directed to a “trade-in” page. This device should have the same number you want to activate the Verizon plan. Now enter the number you want to transfer. When you activate your Verizon plan on this number, your old contract will end. After you complete these steps, within 5 days, Verizon will send you a box you can use to return your smartphone. Note that this phone should be in good condition. Keep these documents ready as you claim the offer:

  1. Final bill from old carrier,
  2. Email with details of order confirmation and trade-in,
  3. The promo code 54-456

To start shopping a new smartphone, click here.


  • Paul

    T-Mobile has been doing the same promotion. T-Mobile doesn’t wait till you have 6 months of service to send the prepaid card like Big Red. T-Mobile offers way more data and service for family’s is way cheaper than Big Red. Verizon is a RIP OFF!!! T-MOBILE ROCKS!!!!!