Valentine’s Babies: Stars Born On February 14

Valentine’s Babies: Stars Born On February 14
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For most people, Valentine’s Day is the day to express affection to your dearly beloved by giving them flowers, chocolates, jewelries, clothes, or taking them out on a date. But for these celebrities, Valentine’s Day plays a different role on their life; this is the day when they were born.


While others are having dinner or catching a film, the mothers of these famous personalities were in the delivery room, giving birth to stars of the future.

According to Bio, there are several celebrities and people of history who share their birthday with St. Valentine’s day. And it’s probably more exciting for them since they get to have a double celebration each year. Besides, Valentine’s Day should be spent with the people you love, right? So let’s get to know some of the famous stars born on Valentine’s Day.

Rob Thomas

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Thomas is the award-winning singer and song-writer of the band Matchbox Twenty. He was born in 1972 at Landstuhl, Germany. Rob already won several Grammy’s in his field.

Roger Fisher

Fisher is a musician born in 1950 in Seattle, WA. He was one of the guitarists and founding member of the band Heart along with his brothers Mike and Roger who are both musically inclined, too.

Freddie Highmore

Born in 1992 London, Alfred Thomas Highmore already made his name known in the industry even at a young age. More famously known as Freddie through films like “The Art of Getting By,” “Finding Neverland,” “August Rush” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Tiffany Thornton

Thornton is an actress, comedienne, and singer born in 1986, College Station. This beautiful star is best known for being a part of the hit TV series, “Sonny with a Chance.”

Simon Pegg

Pegg is known for his roles in “Star Trek”, “Hot Fuzz”, “Mission Impossible III”, “Shaun of the Dead”, and many other films. Born as Simon John Beckingham in 1970, Brockworth.

Matt Barr

Barr was born in Allen in 1984. He’s an actor known as Derek in the hit series “One Tree Hill” and roles in “Harper’s Island”, “The House Bunny”, and “Commander in Chief”.

Aside from them, there are still hundreds of celebrities from way back who have birthdays on Valentine’s Day. Do you know a celebrity who celebrates his/her birthday every February 14? Let us know in the comments.