Utah Mom Gives Birth In Forest: Fifty Million People Have Already Watched This Video

Utah Mom Gives Birth In Forest: Fifty Million People Have Already Watched This Video
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A Utah mother has given birth to her fourth baby in the wild, completely unaided. The video of her labor has been viewed by 52 million people already.


The 43-year-old gave birth to her daughter in a stream, and she had insisted to people that she isn’t “hippy drippy.” Simone Thurber, who now lives in Park City, Utah, said that the amount of people who watched her video shocked her.

The content of the footage can be graphic for viewers.

The video begins with the mother laboring in and out of a bathtub in a garden, said the Daily Mail. After this, the Utah mom went down a creek in the Australian Daintree Rain Forrest. There, she gives birth to her fourth child without a midwife or doctor.

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Simone, who is naked in the video, is a trained doula and birthing therapist. She is seen pushing her daughter out, while her partner, Nick, comes in to help.

Simone later holds her newborn up to her breast with the rest of her young daughters watching.

“I didn’t put the video online to make a statement I simply thought a few people would be interested in what it would be like to give birth in nature and to inspire women that if they wanted to they could have a child outside a hospital,” she described.

She went on to say that she had never expected the “massive interest.” She said that her first three daughters were home births. But this time, she wanted to have a baby amid nature, according to The Sun.

She stated that she is not a hippy drippy mother. The Utah mother said that she wanted her fourth child to be “born away from beeping machines and a hospital environment.”

Her fourth child Perouze is now four years old.

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