Usain Bolt Illuminati: Weird Gestures Give Off ‘Satan’ Worship Signs?

Usain Bolt Illuminati: Weird Gestures Give Off ‘Satan’ Worship Signs?
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Gestures by Olympian Usain Bolt at the Rio Olympics have sent the conspiracy theorists into overdrive, causing them to wonder whether the Jamaican sprinter is a member of Illuminati or Freemasonry. The nine-time Olympic gold medallist was also once spotted sporting a Masonic ring.


Usain Bolt is famously known for his penchant for making physical gestures, and his lightning bolt sign has now become symbol of triumph. However, a few specific hand gestures of the Olympian have led conspiracy theorists to suggest the possibility of Bolt being a member of the Freemason or the Illuminati.

Some say that gestures that include covering one eye with a hand, folding his fingers into a circle around an eye may indicate or putting fingers to his lips may indicate a connection with the occult or an association to the Freemasonry, the Sun reported.

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The gesture of covering an eye with the palm supposedly is a symbol used in both Freemasonry and Illuminati and refers to the “all-seeing” eye of God. He was spotted making another hand gesture, which is known as the ‘sign of the beast,” that resemble three sixes.

By putting a finger on the lips a triumphant sportsman indicates that the supporters of the opponents have been silenced. A Youtube channel that goes by the name ‘What is Real’ suggested that though it sounds weird but the number six was somehow associated with Bolt during the races.

“In all his qualifying races and all his winning races was in lane 6. That’s 666,” the channel claimed. “It’s just speculation. But it’s kind of weird he is doing all these occult symbols in lane six.”

The Mail Online reported that the sprinter has also been linked to Beelzebub due to his nickname, ‘the lightning bolt,’ which according to some has been used in the bible to refer to the Satan.

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