Usain Bolt Arrested For Juvenile Sex: Jady Duarte A Minor?

Usain Bolt Arrested For Juvenile Sex: Jady Duarte A Minor?
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Usain Bolt arrested? The 30-year-old star sprinter’s Rio girlfriend is only 14, claims her “mom.”


In a new report it is being claimed that Jady Duarte’s mother is charging the athlete for defilement. Bolt has reportedly been arrested by the police for juvenile sex, and will be only taken to the court on Monday, according to The Guard1an.

But fans shouldn’t worry. This looks like another of those hoaxes involving famous personalities. With Usain Bolt having made waves in the Olympics and then his cheating scandal following after, it is not surprising that a hoax will be written about him.

Jady Duarte may not be really 14 and Bolt not arrested, but they did have a night together. Duarte shared the details herself! 

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Jady Duarte does not seem to have had enough of Usain Bolt. The 20-year-old Brazilian student, who the athlete sneaked into his room at the Olympic Village in Rio on Saturday night, opened up about her sexual encounter with the Olympian.

The mother-of-two said Bolt came over to her group of friends’ at All In club and flashed them his six packs. The duo texted each other via the Google Translate app as Duate does not know English.

Through their bus journey in the Olympic Village, she said they kissed each other throughout. Duarte who is reportedly the widow of Douglas Donato Pereira alias Dinah Terror told that Bolt’s room had two single beds and after they reached his room, they showered and had a great time together.

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Jady Duarte said that they made small talk before they ended in bed and that she “didn’t need a translator to tell me that he wanted sex,” Daily Mail reports. The pair then made love on his single bed listening to the raunchy Rihanna song “Work.”

Jady Duarte said that they had two lengthy marathon sex sessions. “It was very passionate and hot – we were devouring one another. He has the body of a champion although his male parts do not match – he is just like a regular guy,” she said.

The Brazilian beauty said that she thought Bolt would be fast with, but it was a very slow sex. She said they did it for about 40 minutes before taking some rest, but there was no third time, Mirror UK reports.

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Duarte who claims she is a student in Rio, said that Usain Bolt promised to get in touch with her for another date in September when he would be in Rio again for the Paralympics. The Olympian however did not give her his number.

The girl said that Usain Bolt is a “great looking guy, a huge star – but he is shameless.” She added that he picks up women as quickly as he picks up gold medals.

Jady Duarte said that she had no idea he had a girlfriend back in Jamaica. Kasi Bennett, Bolt’s 26-year-old girlfriend is reportedly annoyed with him for his womanizing way in Rio and then in London where he took two women to his hotel room, Daily Mail reports.

Noite do meu agrado ❤️ #loveyou #love #bolt

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