USA Basketball Rio 2016: Paul George, Draymond Green Raising The Alarm

USA Basketball Rio 2016: Paul George, Draymond Green Raising The Alarm
Paul George Joseph Glorioso / Flickr CC BY 2.0

USA were able to escape disaster following a close 97-94 win over Serbia at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


But the scenario was far different from their close-call against Australia. Carmelo Anthony and Kyrie Irving saved them the embarrassment of a possible loss last time out but it was a different one against the Serbians.

It took a missed wide open three pointer by Bogdan Bogdanovic to snatch the win. Considering the talent that USA basketball has, the script wasn’t supposed to be that way.

Too much talent is bad

There is no denying that Team USA is oozing with talent but the stakes are different in the Olympics. It is far different from the one-one-one or all star games and two stars have singled out what may possibly be bugging the team.

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Paul George singled out the lack of cohesion and movement with players doing a lot of one-on-one plays. No one was cited in particular but for those who have seen the games, it may be easy to single out most, even George.

“With these guys, it’s constant movement. We talked about it in the back. You never sit still. In our game, there are moments when you sit still. You can have a rest period. You might get action that guys just run on one side,” George said via CBS Sports.

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Where’s the defense?

Someone who knows what it takes to put up good defense is Draymond Green. And based on his take, the team is lacking a lot of it.

“I think our offense is hurting our defense as well. When we were moving the basketball early on, everything was flowing, the defense was great. When we stop moving the basketball, everything is stagnant. It transferred over to the defensive end,” said Green via Time.

Team USA also took a sloppy 100-97 win over France on Sunday. Hopefully the they address their flaws in time before they crash back to the harsh reality of basketball.

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