US War Allies To Pay US If Donald Trump Becomes President

US War Allies To Pay US If Donald Trump Becomes President
Korea and the Yellow Sea NASA Goddard Space Flight Center / Flickr CC

Japan and South Korea should defend itself against its enemies. Otherwise, it should pay the U.S. government back for its military support. That was the statement issued by Republican presidential candidate frontrunner Donald Trump when asked about his stance on the ongoing tension in the Korean peninsula.


This statement came amid the brewing tension brought about by the threat posed by North Korea against its neighbors, especially South Korea and Japan. Over the past few months, the rogue communist nation has been conducting test launches of ballistic missiles, despite the sanction imposed by the United Nations security forces. This irked Seoul and Japan as well.

In a report from the CNN, Trump reportedly issued another controversial statement, and this time, on his position regarding pressing issues in foreign policy, especially the brewing tension in the Korean Peninsula, to which Trump said the U.S. should stop meddling between these nations. Trump issued the statement in one of his campaign visits in Wisconsin over the weekend.

For one, Trump said the U.S. should stop acting as the international police and spend millions of resources when its debt back home balloons to nearly $21 million. He added that NATO member nations should be pressed to pay “their fair share.”

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“I would rather have them not arm, but I’m not going to continue to lose this tremendous amount of money. And frankly, the case could be made that let them protect themselves against North Korea. They’d probably wipe them out pretty quick. If they fight, you know what, that’d be a terrible thing. Terrible. … But if they do, they do.” Trump was quoted as saying by CNN.

While Trump was doing his rounds, North Korea launched a surface-to-air missile anew, the Korean news agency Chosun Ilbo reported. The launch, which was reported by the North Korean news network Rodong Sinmun on Saturday, is North Korea’s locally-made version of the U.S. Patriot missile. The missile can reach up to 150 km, enough to hit vital military installations of South Korea, including its fighter jets.

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