US Wants A Weak Russia, Moscow On Alert Against NATO’s military buildup

US Wants A Weak Russia, Moscow On Alert Against NATO’s military buildup
From President of Russia CC BY 4.0
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Russia’s National Security Chief Nikolay Patrushev claims that the United States is against a strong Russia and that it wants the country to be weak as much as possible. This is just on top of Russia’s concerns as it monitors NATO’s military buildup and checks out the West’s interest over its mineral resources.


“The US leadership has set an objective – to dominate the world. Therefore they don’t need a strong Russia. On the contrary, they want to weaken our country as much as possible,” explained head of Russia’s Security Council in an interview.

Patrushev also said that the the West believes it has a role in the disintegration of Russia. This has also spurred concerns from Moscow about NATO’s military buildup including matters of alliance and delegation of global functions which consequently goes against international law. Patrushev views NATO’s mobilization of military infrastructure close to Russia’s border as a possible threat to its national security.

“To understand NATO’s objectives, one needs to realize that NATO’s leadership strictly sticks to the US agenda. Washington skillfully uses the anti-Russian stance of its eastern members to neutralize ‘excessively independent’ members of the alliance (France, Germany and Italy),” explained the official. He also added that Russia is not gunning for a confrontation against the West.

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On top of these concerns, Reuters also reported Patrushev saying that the United States is also interested in the mineral resources of the country.

“They don’t need a strong Russia. On the contrary, they need to weaken our country as much as possible. To achieve this goal, the Russian Federation’s disintegration is not ruled out as well,” said Patrushev.

“This will open access to the richest resources for the United States, which believes that Russia possesses them undeservingly.”

Russia ranks sixth in terms of crude oil resources. It also ranks second when it comes to natural gas reserves.

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