US Tyranny Drags Russia, China & North Korea Into War

US Tyranny Drags Russia, China & North Korea Into War
From President of Russia CC BY 4.0
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It has been a troubling week as world powers collide and threaten world peace. Some of these concerns include North Korea’s ballistic missiles, Russian nuclear aggression, and terrorist threat in Europe and US along with the Syrian crisis. Nonetheless, there are also claims that the West is provoking such tensions in order to maintain power and justify bolstering its military might. The constant battle of words and pressure against each other have put the countries at odds with the rest of the world hanging if World War 3 could happen soon.


According to a report by RT, it has been a well pronounced theme in history that in order for tyrants to rule, people should fear an external enemy. This will make submission easier, disguising control. The premise is that people will allow tyrants in order to get “protection” – the same way organized crime works.

This puts a question mark on the role of Western news media and how it has been portraying other countries. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said previously that NATO, allied countries and the Unite States have been “hyping” Russia’s threat. Furthermore, these parties are reportedly putting out misinformed intelligence like: “Russia is planning to use nuclear weapons to intimidate Sweden and the Baltic countries.”

Likewise, RT’s report claims that as far-fetched as the claims were, the concerned parties lack the necessary evidence to back their statements. The fear factor has been working well considering other allied countries have been piling military power without the necessary criticism.

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Another report from The Week, says that the United States is getting “deadly serious” about China, Russia and North Korea. Furthermore, the report says that Russia has been developing new warfare technology like aircrafts, tanks and ships aggressively while China has been speeding up modernization of its air and naval forces. On the other side, North Korea is creating new long-range missiles and honing nuclear weapons program. To this, the report stresses that Pentagon needs to find another strategy to deal with such threats.

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