US Treasure Hunters Claim Lake Michigan Shipwreck Loot Contains Lost Confederate Gold

US Treasure Hunters Claim Lake Michigan Shipwreck Loot Contains Lost Confederate Gold
The Lure Of Gold Alexander Boden / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Two treasure hunters from Muskegon, USA believed the safe they found in a Lake Michigan shipwreck contains the missing Confederate gold treasure that was stolen after the Civil War.


Kevin Dykstra and Frederick J. Monroe had been scouring the ocean floor for the lost treasure for four years. They actually believed they have found an essential clue on April when an outline of a boat popped up on their sonar during one their searches.

After making a 120-foot dive into 37-degree waters, they saw a tug boat that was 70-feet long. Dykstra told WZZM 13 that its windless was very clear.

“As I looked to the back of the cabin, there was a rear door to the cabin. Just to the left of the rear door was a safe.”

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They are now trying to pry open the safe which they believed could lead them closer to the lost box cars containing the stolen gold bullion believed to be worth over $2 million.

The pair of treasure hunters strongly believe the missing Confederate gold is somewhere at the bottom of Lake Michigan. All because of a story Monroe was told in 1972.

“I was sitting down and talking to a friend of mine, and all of the sudden he says, ‘Fred, you’re just the person I want to see with your diving experience,” Monroe recalled. “My grandfather told me a story that he heard from a lighthouse keeper, who originally heard it during a deathbed confession, that there’s 2 million dollars of gold bullion inside a box car that fell off a ferry into Lake Michigan.”

He said the deathbed confession was delivered by a certain George Alexander Abbott, who died in Muskegon, Michigan in 1921. In his younger years, Abbott was a prominent banker in Muskegon.

“We believe wholeheartedly that the Confederate gold story is true, and we believe that the box car is out there,” Dykstra told WZZM 13. “To find a boat with a cabin intact, with a safe, while we’re looking for the box car, the odds just seem too far that it must be related.”