US To Deploy F-22 Fighter Jets To Deter Russian Aggression In Ukraine

US To Deploy F-22 Fighter Jets To Deter Russian Aggression In Ukraine
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The United States is intent in deploying to Europe F-22 fighter jets to match Russia’s might in the latter’s assault in Ukraine, said Deborah James, air force secretary, as reported by several news media.


While James did not disclose details on the number of warplanes to deploy or the location or date of launch, she nevertheless mentioned it would be part of Defense Secretary Ash Carter’s call to use a mighty yet balanced approach in dealing with Russia. She said further that the Air Force has experience deploying fighter jets in South Korea and Japan, and with their deployment this time against Russia, the pilots will gain experience in dealing with European terrain.

Russia continues to be of great concern

“Russia’s military activity in the Ukraine continues to be of great concern to us and to our European allies. For the Air Force, an F-22 deployment is certainly on the strong side of the coin,” said James as quoted by Reuters.

Also according to reports, the initial deployment of Lockheed Martin Corp F-22 is an express statement of responding to increasing “concerns among NATO allies” regarding Russian military aggression. The U.S. Air Force also uses “radar-evading” F-22 fighter jets in carrying out attacks against the Islamic State.

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Meanwhile, General Mark Welsh James III, Air Force chief of staff told the media the deployment of F-22 in Europe would enable “U.S. forces to train with NATO partners across Europe,” ascertaining the capacity of jets to “communicate and fight together with the Eurofighter and other advanced warplanes.”