US Senator John McCain Has Eyes For Sixth Term

US Senator John McCain Has Eyes For Sixth Term
Image from Flickr by Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore John McCain US Senator John McCain Has Eyes For Sixth Term
Image from Flickr by Gage Skidmore

Senator John McCain of Arizona has announced his plans to hold office for the sixth consecutive time. While announcing his run for another term, Senator McCain said, “With a full heart, I ask Arizonans again for their support as I seek re-election to the United States Senate. I’m as determined as ever to deserve your trust and grateful as ever for the privilege.”


McCain, Republican presidential nominee in 2008, said he is ready to face any challenges. “I think you have to be prepared for any challenge,” he told Reuters in a phone interview. “I’ll be ready for anything, both right, left and Democrat as well.”

The 78-year-old McCain said he is ready to fight tough foreign and domestic challenges.

“No success in my life has ever come without a good fight, and there is so much worth fighting for today,” he told the huge crowd gathered outside his office. “I’m eager to get started and ready for whatever comes.”

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Highlighting the biggest national challenges before the United States, McCain said that the current issue which demands immediate action is to handle the twin threats of Iran and Islamic State militants. He also disagreed with how President Barack Obama is dealing with the double threats. Slamming the president, he said that Obama is only leading from behind.

McCain declared, “I’ve got a lot of energy left in me to try to address this great challenge to our nation and its security.”

On election day, McCain will turn 80, and while addressing the crowd, he described his zeal and his long work hours. “I work 16-hour days. Look at what I’ve done for Arizona and America,” he told the Associated Press. “Make your own judgment.”

McCain will fight for votes against Sen. Kelli Ward, a conservative member of the Arizona Legislature. Kelli said she has to raise money in order to beat John McCain.

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