US Is WW3 Ready With Killer Submarine, World’s Largest Unmanned Vessel

US Is WW3 Ready With Killer Submarine, World’s Largest Unmanned Vessel

The United States has maintained constantly that Russia and China remain threats to the world and the West’s interests. As if to ensure that it can deter any aggression from the two countries, Washington reportedly has a new killer submarine that can take down enemies unlike any other. Is the US gearing up for WW3?


 The United States is not taking any chances against supposed threats to its security as its military just christened the Sea Hunter. The said vessel is under the Pentagon’s Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trial Unmanned Vessel, or ACTUV, program.

With the release of such ship, it should be just a matter of time before autonomous robo-ships can hunt for submarines, according to National Interest. Spanning 130 feet, the Sea Hunter features a trimaran-shape and now ranks as the world’s largest unmanned surface vessel. The said warship will allow the Navy to test the extent of operations using unmanned ships.

“I have been waiting for this day for a long time. We are in a period of incredible technological flux,” said Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work during the christening ceremony in Portland, Oregon.

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“Advances in A.I., autonomous control systems, advanced computing, big data, learning machines, intuitive visualization tool, metamaterial, miniaturization are leading us toward great human-machine collaboration — in business and manufacturing, and in warfare,” the official added.

Nonetheless, even with the United States citing Russia and China as threats, both countries also point to the recent interventions of the West as one of the reasons while tensions are rising across the globe. Bruce Gagnon, the coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, said that the United States has been using the “threat” ideology against nations to justify its deployment of arms.

“US Secretary of War Ashton Carter claims that the THAAD deployment in South Korea has nothing to do with China, but in fact he is lying trough his teeth. It has everything to do with China. North Korea is not a threat,” explained Gagnon in his interview with Press TV.

“In fact missile launched from North Korea into South Korea would not gain enough altitude for the THAAD system to work. So, in fact, it’s a sleight of hand, it’s a magician’s trick to claim that this is about North Korea,” he added. The interview also noted that the United States is seemingly planning to launch its first nuclear strike attack against countries like Russia and China especially if people consider the THAAD deployment.

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