US Pentagon Claims China Is Strengthening Its Ballistic Missile Capability

US Pentagon Claims China Is Strengthening Its Ballistic Missile Capability
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The United States is getting anxious after the Pentagon released a report that claimed it had discovered China to have upgraded its missile capabilities. China has reportedly equipped its DF-5 for Dong Feng or East Wind, touted as its most powerful missile, with multiple warheads.


Although it is well-known that China is taking a growing aggressive and confrontational stands by claiming uninhabited islands in the East and South China seas, observers believed the warhead upgrade and ultimate deployment isn’t meant for its neighbors but for the U.S. The latter pioneered this technology it dubbed multiple independently targetable re-entry vehicle (MIRV). But the U.S. saw the technology could make those with it vulnerable to enemies. Ultimately, MIRVs were declared a destabilizing invention.

The Pentagon report said China had re-engineered its DF-5 missiles and equipped them with multiple warheads. With this, intercepting them will become harder. The re-engineering, portal says, now enables China to deploy over 40 warheads towards the U.S. alone.

Observers believed China, particularly President Xi Jinping, allowed for the upgrades as counter-reaction to the expansion of American missile defense systems in Asia. They also claimed China had resorted to such military improvements to make a statement to the U.S. which China considers a threat to global supremacy.

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Then again, with all its military strategic capability, “China remains no match for the U.S. or Russia’s,” Wang Dong, a professor of international relations at Peking University, said.