US Elections WikiLeaks Bombshell: Donald Trump Tax Return, Hillary Clinton Goldman Sachs Secret Speech

US Elections WikiLeaks Bombshell: Donald Trump Tax Return, Hillary Clinton Goldman Sachs Secret Speech
WikiLeaks – information wants to be free Oliver Tacke / cc
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WikiLeaks is on the verge of offering a reward for information related to the U.S. elections, such as Donald Trump’s tax returns, or info on Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Goldman Sachs, a banking giant that paid her to give speeches.


According to the Huffington Post, this is the first time the whistleblowing platform publicly declared a financial incentive for information that directly relates to an election.

Earlier, Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, declared a sum of $20,000 for information related to the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich, which would lead to the conviction of the murderer.

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In a tweet, WikiLeaks said, “We will soon issue a reward for additional US election related documents. Vote or reply with suggestions.”

“Police rewards produce results. So do journalist rewards,” WikiLeaks mentioned in a statement.

“Those who take the truth seriously leave no stone unturned to find it.”

WikiLeaks added that lesser publications have inadequate quality control. Due to that, they are incapable of maintaining accuracy when it comes to financial incentives. The outlet continued by saying that they maintain an accuracy that could not be affected by the increase in source contributions.

While WikiLeaks is asking for data on Trump’s tax returns, a new poll shows that more than half of voters believe it is important for presidential candidates to release their tax returns. This points out to what Donald Trump’s returns would reveal, according to TIME.

Similarly, in the case of Hillary Clinton, former 2000 Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader called for the release of the Democratic presidential nominee’s Goldman Sachs secret speech transcripts. These include her multiple closed-door speeches to people from Goldman Sachs and other high-profile Wall Street companies, reported Breitbart.

Although WikiLeaks said they have not yet confirmed the reward’s amount, but they are still reviewing suggestions.

Earlier, Julian Assange noted that he disliked both Trump and Clinton, and he would publish any newsworthy document related to the candidates.

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