US Elections Latest Poll: Harambe Is America’s Next President?

US Elections Latest Poll: Harambe Is America’s Next President?
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What's This?

Does Harambe—the gorilla who was shot and killed when a child fell inside its enclosure on May—have a chance to become the next president of the United States?


This may sound crazy and preposterous, but according to a poll, five percent of Americans would actually vote for the hypothetical candidate over Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Harambe for President

On May this year, zookeepers at Cincinnati had to kill the mighty giant after a toddler fell inside its enclosure.

Both frontrunner candidates from two of the country’s leading parties wave their fair share of misgivings that made their popularity ratings plummet to record lows. Trump suffered plunging numbers after his anti-immigrant and racial slurs, while Clinton was embroiled in an email scandal with the FBI during the last leg of the party nomination.

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All of these, according to pollster Public Policy Polling, contributed to the dwindle of Trump and Clinton’s popularity among American voters. In fact, if given other options, five percent of Americans would rather choose the hairy primate than Clinton and Trump.

Clinton Vs Trump

Although Harambe’s digits are statistically insignificant compared to the figures of Trump and Clinton, Harambe, the Western lowland silverback’s five percent is higher than Jill Stein’s two percent, or closely tied with the six percent score Gary Johnson of the Libertarian party got.

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“We’ve been writing for months that this race is shaping up pretty similarly both nationally and at the state level to the margins Barack Obama won by in 2012- not a huge landslide by any means, but a solid victory. The conventions have passed without any change to that big picture, and that leaves Clinton as the favorite going into the final three months,” the report noted.

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