US Elections 2016: Vladimir Putin To Leak More Hillary Clinton Dark Secrets In October

US Elections 2016: Vladimir Putin To Leak More Hillary Clinton Dark Secrets In October
Speaker Nancy Pelosi Speaks to College Democrats Michael.worley / Wikipedia Commons cc
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As a part of an October cyber-surprise, Russian hackers might leak fake or tampered documents to embarrass Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party.


This came as a warning from Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, to her colleagues.

According to Forbes, a Saturday night conference was called by Pelosi to warn Hillary Clinton beforehand against embarrassing, uncomfortable, or even incriminating documents that might be released by the Kremlin before the elections.

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These documents may include embarrassing party emails, which Pelosi claimed might be doctored by Russian hackers.

Pelosi is among those raising alarm about how the Kremlin uses fake and tampered documents to create fictitious and damaging details. Security exerts are of the opinion that it is a realistic extension of Moscow’s powerful information warfare efforts.

Analysts of the Democratic party were saying that they would be taking preemptive steps by spreading warnings about fake leaks. This is because of the possibility that the Kremlin and its branch of hackers might release devastating information about the Democratic nominee or other candidates close to Election Day.

The strategy of warning against leaks before the elections is easier than responding days before voters go to polls, according to Politico. The alarm clearly points out that the Kremlin might use its tradecraft on Hillary Clinton, as she is their least preferred candidate.

“It is certainly a valid issue to raise, because clearly the people who are doing these attacks have a political agenda that’s against the Democratic Party,” said Anita Dunn, former White House communications director during the beginning of President Barack Obama’s first term.

On the other hand, Republicans stated that the Democrats are trying to drum up alarm to distract the public from the content of the leaks.

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