US Elections 2016: Fox News Poll Finds Bush, Walker, Carson Doubling Up GOP Primary Votes

US Elections 2016: Fox News Poll Finds Bush, Walker, Carson Doubling Up GOP Primary Votes
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Three Republicans are gaining double momentum in terms of support from GOP primary voters, a recent Fox News Poll found. Presidential contenders Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Ben Carson are leading the race among the Republicans.


Bush and Walker both received 12 percent while Carson got 11 percent of the GOP primary votes. Rand Paul followed at nine percent, Ted Cruz at 8 percent, Marco Rubio at seven percent, Mike Huckabee at six percent and Chris Christie at five percent. Walker, Cruz, Carson and Paul also became the top four most favorites among the Tea party with 22 percent, 17 percent, 12 percent and 11 percent, respectively.

Donald Trump meanwhile got 4 percent as well as Rick Perry who has yet to officially announce his bid. Fifty-nine percent of those who were polled said they would never support Trump, followed by Christie at 37 percent, Bush and Huckabee at 24 percent each and Paul at 20 percent.

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Support for Hillary Clinton Dipped

While former secretary of state and former first lady Hillary Clinton remains the top contender among the Democrats, support for her has slumped to 57 percent from 63 percent in May. Support for Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, doubled from 6 percent to 11 percent for this month.

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Martin O’Malley has also earned support by four percent as compared to the one percent he got in April. Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren who are yet to announce bids got eight percent and seven percent, respectively.

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