US Election News Roundup: No Signs Of Giving Up For Carson, Rubio

US Election News Roundup: No Signs Of Giving Up For Carson, Rubio
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Donald Trump Turns Down David Duke’s Endorsement


After being considered as the forerunner among Republic presidential hopefuls, billionaire Donald Trump has captured the attention of the world when he turned down a former Ku Klux Klan leader‘s endorsement.

Trump’s rejection of David Duke’s endorsement generated mixed reactions among citizens and the whole world. To make the story more interesting, a few hours after he rejected Duke’s endorsement, Trump tweeted a quote from an infamous fascist leader, Benito Mussolini of Italy, the ABC News reported.

Bernie Faces off with Clinton’s in South Carolina

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All 40 senators during the recently concluded South Carolina leg of the Republican’s Causes stood behind Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, the New York Times report showed. Not even a single senator showed support to Saunder’s possible presidential bid, giving Clinton a landslide victory in South Carolina.

Despite the apparent lack of support from South Carolina based senators, many considered Saunders a likeable senator, or a person for that matter. But most legislators from this state believe that the Democrat is better off represented by Clinton.

No Backing Down Yet For Carson, Rubio

Although even a six-grader would infer with high precision that Trump is likely to get the Republicans’ blessing to be the official bet in this year’s presidential elections, other Republican hopefuls are not giving up their fights.

Senators Ben Carson and Mark Rubio remained optimistic that somehow events might take a 360-degree turn in their favor. Carson said there’s no backing down, and he’s still confident that his prospect for this year’s election remains unchanged. Rubio, on the other hand, said that in order to win against Trump, they need to fight like Trump: do it dirty, rough, and mean.

Ted Cruz Alleges Trump’s Mafia Link

In a recent TV interview with the ABC News, Republican senator and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz accused Trump, leading contender for Republicans’ nomination, of possible ties with the mafia. Cruz said this could explain why Trump has been adamant in disclosing his taxes.