US Election News: Paul Ryan To Skip Republican National Convention If Trump Requests, Hillary Clinton Won’t Answer Trump’s ‘Enabler’ Attacks

US Election News: Paul Ryan To Skip Republican National Convention If Trump Requests, Hillary Clinton Won’t Answer Trump’s ‘Enabler’ Attacks
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Paul Ryan says he won’t chair the Republican National Convention if Donald Trump asks him to. It might still be a long way from July, but Ryan’s answer is already a firm no. Despite turning down the default GOP presidential candidate for the convention, Ryan has agreed to meet with Trump on Thursday in Washington, according to a report from CNN.


Recently, Trump said he was “blindsided” by Ryan’s stance on his candidacy. The last time the two had spoken was reportedly back in March.

Hillary Clinton refuses to answer Trump’s “enabler” attacks. Trump may have been going on and on about how the former first lady has been enabling her husband’s bad behavior, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Instead, the leading Democratic presidential candidate would rather focus on issues that matter for voters, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

In fact, on Tuesday, she simply responded, “I’m running my campaign, what I want to do as president, what I stand for, what I’ve always stood for, and what I believe is going to make a difference to the people of this country.”

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Is Trump in trouble over G.I. bill response? Clinton’s camp pointed out that when Chris Cuomo had asked Trump if he supports the current G.I. bill on CNN, Trump simply responded, “No. I want to bring jobs back to our country.” His answer was not well received by Congressman Ted Lieu, who also happens to be a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Air Force Reserves.

“For a candidate who talks a big game about helping veterans, this is a rather astonishing statement. Our vets simply cannot risk a president who doesn’t understand their needs.” Moreover, Lieu also said that Trump is wrong in claiming that Clinton believes that “vets are getting too much.”

“As a Senator, Hillary Clinton repeatedly worked across the aisle to successfully expand veterans’ benefits,” Lieu explained.

Bernie Sanders goes after casino owners. The Vermont senator made his way to the Atlantic City boardwalk in Southern New Jersey on Monday saying their “greed is not acceptable.” The Sanders camp also singled out billionaire Carl Icahn, who had thrown his support behind Trump.

In turn, the GOP presidential candidate had put Icahn in his list of potential treasury secretaries. Moreover, Sanders said, “That greed is destroying America and you are looking at somebody who if elected president will take these people on.”

Sanders would have a greater lead over Trump than Clinton, polls show. What seems to be clear is that the Democratic party would win over Trump if the general elections were to be held now. However, polls on Real Clear Politics reveal that Sanders has a greater lead against Trump than Clinton. This is what polls have shown in North Carolina and New Hampshire. Meanwhile, Georgia predicts that Trump would win against Clinton, but only by one point.

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