US Election News: Donald Trump & Paul Ryan Try To Make Nice, Hillary Clinton Applauds Treasury Department’s Central States Pension Fund Rejection

US Election News: Donald Trump & Paul Ryan Try To Make Nice, Hillary Clinton Applauds Treasury Department’s Central States Pension Fund Rejection
Donald Trump Gage Skidmore / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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Donald Trump and Paul Ryan try to make nice following private meeting. It seems the remaining GOP presidential candidate and the House Speaker may be able to meet each other halfway. Although they have failed to reach an agreement with regards to Ryan backing Trump, The New York Times reports that Ryan remarked, “I do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified.”


Meanwhile, Trump decided to hold off on firing Ryan if he gets nominated, and instead offered his help in getting GOP candidates running for the House and the Senate.

Hillary Clinton applauds Treasury Department’s decision to reject the Central States Pension Fund. According to the Democratic presidential candidate, Americans in the said pension fund “deserve better than a plan that would take away as much as three-quarters of some retirees’ pension income.” The recent Central States Pension Fund application would have cut pension by 50 to 70 percent, affecting some 270,000 people in the country.

Trump calls Clinton “trigger happy.” The default GOP presidential nominee has continued his attacks against Clinton throughout his campaign stops. This time, The Intercept reports that Clinton is trying to picture the former first lady as the one more likely to start a war. During a rally, Trump said, “She is, she’s trigger happy. She’s got a bad temperament.”

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Meanwhile, Trump also said Clinton’s decisions “have totally unleashed ISIS.”

Almost one in five Americans would move to Canada if Trump wins. This is the findings of the latest Ipsos poll conducted for Global News. Should Trump become the next American President, about 19 percent would consider making a move to Canada. The plan is especially appealing among those aged 18 to 34. Among this population, as much as 28 percent are willing to migrate.

Bernie Sanders speaks against deportations. Following the recent news that U.S. immigration officials is planning to conduct a new round of deportation raids, the Vermont senator referred to the said plans as “painful and inhumane.”

Moreover, he believes that “sending these people back into harm’s way is wrong.” He is especially concerned for people who have fled to the United States due to violence in Central America and other countries.

George Clooney believes Trump would not be president. While promoting his film “Money Monster” at the Cannes Film Festival , the actor took the opportunity to voice out his criticism of how cable news networks turned stories into infotainment and allowed Trump to become a feasible candidate in the public’s eye.

Nonetheless, according to a report from The Guardian, Clooney still feels confident that Trump won’t win, especially not with his current campaign platform. “Fear is not going to drive our country. We’re not afraid of Muslims or immigrants or women. We’re not going to be afraid of anything,” he said.

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