US Election News: Donald Trump Mourns Muhammad Ali, Criticized For It; Hillary Clinton Wins Virgin Islands Caucuses; & More

US Election News: Donald Trump Mourns Muhammad Ali, Criticized For It; Hillary Clinton Wins Virgin Islands Caucuses; & More
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Donald Trump mourns the passing of Muhammad Ali and gets criticized for it. The presumptive GOP presidential candidate took to Twitter following Ali’s death, saying, “Muhammad Ali is dead at 74! A truly great champion and a wonderful guy. He will be missed by all!”


Following this, comedian and host Brian Gaar responded, “You are the epitome of everything he despised.” Other replies echoed the same sentiment.

Hillary Clinton claims victory at Virgin Islands caucuses. According to the U.S. Virgin Islands Democratic Party, the former first lady and Secretary of State managed to pull ahead of Bernie Sanders with 86.51 percent of the votes or 1,308. In contrast, the Vermont senator only secured 186 votes or 12.30 percent. At the same time, Clinton secured six delegates while Sanders got one.

Trump campaign fakes black supporters. On Saturday, the Trump campaign released a tweet featuring a photo of a black family supposedly supporting Trump. The problem is, they weren’t.

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According to a report from Think Progress, the photo of the family was actually taken at “The 27th Annual Midwest Black Family Reunion” instead of a Trump rally. Moreover, further reports reveal that the parents in the photo, Eddie and Vanessa Perry, are not Trump supporters.

Major gun control group backs Clinton. Everytown for Gun Safety hasannounced, “Hillary Clinton is the only one who will fight to save American lives from gun violence.” The gun control advocacy group also said that voting for Clinton means 2016 will be the year of gun safety.

Sanders tells LA Coliseum he’s still the best candidate to defeat Trump. While speaking to a crowd of 13,500 supporters, the Vermont senator remarked, “I hope that the delegates going to the Democratic National Convention understand that in virtually every state poll we do much better against Donald Trump than Secretary Clinton.”

During a news conference on Saturday, Sanders said it is “extremely unlikely” that Clinton will achieve the requisite number of pledged delegates on Tuesday night.

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