US Election News: Donald Trump Calls Out Heidi Cruz, Bernie Sanders Accuses Hillary Clinton Of ‘Money-Laundering’

US Election News: Donald Trump Calls Out Heidi Cruz, Bernie Sanders Accuses Hillary Clinton Of ‘Money-Laundering’

Donald Trump seizes moment on Heidi Cruz’s slip-up. Over the weekend, Heidi Cruz had a bit of a slip-up when she remarked that her husband, Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz, is an immigrant. According to a report from CBS, Mrs. Cruz was supposed to say that her husband was a son of an immigrant instead.


Nonetheless, this did not go unnoticed by the Trump campaign. On Sunday, Trump told people at rally in Fort Wayne, Indiana, “That’s what I’ve been saying. I think she was trying to put a little bit of a Latin turn on it. He was born in Canada folks, he was born in Canada.” Cruz was, indeed, born in Canada to a Cuban father and American mother.

Bernie sanders accuses Hillary Clinton of using ‘money-laundering’ scheme. Sanders’ camp is going on the ultimate offensive, accusing Clinton and her campaign of “looting funds meant for state parties.”

This comes after Politico published a report, saying that less than one percent of the $61 million raised in state parties are now in the state parties’ coffers. Instead, most of the money from the Hillary Victory Fund – a joint fund-raising committee made up of the Democratic National Committee and 32 state party committees – have been transferred quickly to the Democratic National Committee by a Clinton staffer.

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According to Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver, “Hillary Clinton says that campaign finance reform is one of the most important issues facing our country but her campaign’s use of the Victory Fund to essentially launder money proves otherwise.”

Moreover, he remarked, “We think the Clinton campaign should let the state parties keep their fair share of the cash.”

Hillary Clinton urges people to “stand together against the other side’s hateful words.” According to the leading Democratic presidential candidate, this is how “we all rise.” This is the message Clinton is sending out as the Indiana primary gets closer. In her new campaign ad, her camp talks about breaking down barriers and doing “all the good we can in all the ways we can.”

Earlier, Clinton also remarked, “We cannot let Barack Obama’s legacy fall into Donald Trump’s hands.”

Cruz gets into a confrontation with a Trump supporter in Indiana. During a meet-and-greet stop at a restaurant, Cruz found himself surrounded by half a dozen Trump supporters across the street. He then did the unthinkable, crossing over to talk to at least one of them.

According to a report from The New York Times, Cruz proceeded to spar with the man on several issues, including Second Amendment, immigration and Goldman Sachs. Towards the end, the man accused Cruz of lying “about Donald telling people to punch people.” To which Cruz replied, “Just go home and Google ‘Donald-punched-in-the-face-protester.’ This is on national television.”

Ohio no longer wants John Kasich for president. A new poll finds that 49 percent of Ohioans would prefer it if Kasich drops out of the race. That is because most of them believe he has already been neglecting his duties as Governor. Of the voters in the poll, only 38 percent believe he should keep running for president. This represents a big shift in opinion.

Back in March, 52 percent of voters here wanted him to keep running, while 34 percent thought he should go ahead and drop out already.

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