US Election News: Clinton Leads Both Sanders & Trump, Trump Believes He’s ‘Wasting Time’ On GOP Rivals, & More

US Election News: Clinton Leads Both Sanders & Trump, Trump Believes He’s ‘Wasting Time’ On GOP Rivals, & More
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Hillary Clinton leads both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. It seems former Secretary of State Clinton has nothing to worry about. If things continue to go the way they are, she may emerge to win both Democratic nomination and ultimately, the U.S. presidency. This is what the latest numbers seem to indicating.


In the race for pledged delegates, Clinton already has 1,663, while Sanders only has 1,372. Meanwhile, with Clinton enjoying a popular vote tally of 12,135,109, it seems Sanders will not be able to catch up if he only has 8,967,401 votes as of the moment. At the same time, Trump’s numbers don’t count much for Clinton either. The GOP frontrunner only has 10,056,690 popular votes.

Donald Trump believes he’s “wasting time” on GOP rivals. If it were up to Trump, he would be the Republican presidential nominee already now. After all, he recently remarked in Indiana that he is “wasting time” on campaigns against GOP rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich when they are clearly “hanging on by their fingertips.”

Meanwhile, according to a report from NBC News, Trump took things a step further and made a swipe at Clinton, too. He remarked, “Nobody will be better to women and nobody will be better to women’s health issues — a big thing — than Donald Trump. That I can tell you. Nobody.”

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Cruz launches attack on both Trump and Clinton in a new ad. The Texas senator has released two new 30-second ads saying Trump and Clinton are simply two sides of the same coin. One ad stated that both Clinton and Trump support raising taxes and had supported Bill Clinton’s nationwide ban on popular firearms.

Meanwhile, the other ad said that both candidates support Obamacare and Planned Parenthood. On the other hand, both ads state that both candidates “support letting transgender men go in little girls’ bathrooms.” Nonetheless, both ads end with a clip of Trump remarking on the issue bathroom use in which he said, “They use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate.”

John Kasich thinks that people are “probably” born gay. Flustered when asked the question for a second time, conservative Republican Kasich seemed to have no choice but to give in to the moment. During an event at the Commonwealth Club of California, a Democrat asked him, “Do you believe some people are born gay?”

Eventually, Kasich found himself answering, “You know, sir, probably. I mean, I don’t, I don’t know how it all works, okay? I mean, look. Are they? You know, probably they are. Okay?”

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair reports that Kasich also took the opportunity to emphasize his conservative views on heterosexuality in America. He later remarked, “I don’t believe in discrimination. I think there is a balance, however, between discrimination and people’s religious liberties.”

Sanders points out he can beat Trump better. The Vermont senator said that he and his camp have seen the numbers, and recent polls indicate that he would beat Trump by a wider margin than Clinton ever could. According to a Fox News poll, Sanders can beat Trump by 14, while Clinton can only stretch her lead by seven.

Meanwhile, a George Washington University poll sees Sanders beating the controversial GOP frontrunner by 10, whereas Clinton only beats him by three. Sanders emphasized, “This is an important reality that super delegates cannot ignore.” Currently, Clinton has secured 520 of them, while Sanders only has 39 on his side.

Cruz refuses to say he’s not supporting Trump in the presidential election. Should Trump go on to become the Republican presidential nominee for the general election, it seems Cruz may become a supporter, too. He’s currently dodging the question.

During a recent interview on NBC‘s “Meet the Press,” Cruz simply said, “What I’m going to do is beat him.” Nonetheless, he later remarked, “I recognize that many in the media would love for me to surrender to Donald Trump.”

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