US Bombed Children, Mistook Them For ISIS – Reports

US Bombed Children, Mistook Them For ISIS – Reports
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A US air strike in Syria took the lives of at least 85 civilians, including women and children. In the strike which happened on Tuesday, the civilians were mistaken for ISIS fighters and were bombed by the US-led coalition in Syria.


According to varying reports, some eight families were hit as they tried to flee the fighting in their area. This has been one of the deadliest air strikes on civilians since the beginning of the conflict. This includes those perpetrated by the Assad regime on its own people.

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According to The Telegraph, the coalition air-strike occurred in the village of Tokhar in the vicinity of Manjib in northern Syria. Pictures of the aftermath showed the bodies of the victims some of them children, as young as three, under piles of rubble. Some of these photos are already making rounds around social media as of this posting. (See photos below)

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The US air strike in Syria was among the first made by jets launched from Incirlik, Turkey after the failed coup last week. The area has seen heavy fighting between ISIS and US-backed Syrian forces who were gaining ground.

Mounting Death Toll in Syria

According to earlier reports by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the death toll is currently rising. Among those killed were 29 children, 16 women, and 8 prisoners in the bombing that occurred around Manjib.

Other casualties were also reported, most of them due to land mines, shells and gunfire from ISIS fighters as well as the US-backed Syrian forces. All in all, 137 civilians were killed due to the fighting in the area from May to July 18th the human rights watch dog said.

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The SOHR has called on the coalition to be very careful in their conduct of the operation in Manjib. There are currently tens of thousands of civilians still trapped in the city. These civilians are vulnerable to inaccurate shells and missiles launched from both sides.

According to residents of the city, the US air strike in Syria is nothing compared to those conducted by Russian jets. The Russians were even more indiscriminate, targeting humanitarian buildings such as schools and hospitals. Moscow, however, has denied these allegations

WARNING: The following photos show details that can be distressing:

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