US Bank’s Latest Mortgage Rates on 28th of July

US Bank’s Latest Mortgage Rates on 28th of July
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US%20Bank%2028%20July US Banks Latest Mortgage Rates on 28th of JulyForm August 21, US Bank will start collecting funds and donations for Red Cross through their 500 ATMs in Oregon and Washington area. The donations will go directly to disaster relief efforts by Red Cross for the effected people from Western Wildfires. So you can now make your donations through US bank if you want to help.


US bank announced their best interest rates on 28th July for their 5 different Mortgage Loan categories.

For their 10 Year ARM Mortgage Loan, the bank issued an interest rate of 3.500% along with an APR of 3.348%. Mortgage Rates for 5 and 3 Year ARM are shared below.

ARM Mortgage Loans – US Bank 28th July
10 Year ARM 3.5% Interest Rate 3.348% APR
5 Year ARM 2.75% Interest Rate 2.909% APR
3 Year ARM 2.625% Interest Rate 2.897% APR

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For their benchmark conforming loan category, the new rates for their 4 different loan products are as follows.

Conforming Fixed Mortgage Loans – US Bank 28th July
Conforming Fixed – 30 Year 4% Interest Rate 4.221% APR
Conforming Fixed – 20 Year 3.875% Interest Rate 4.033% APR
Conforming Fixed – 15 Year 3.25% Interest Rate 3.504% APR
Conforming Fixed – 10 Year 3% Interest Rate 3.339% APR

US Bank also issued latest interest rates for their FHA and VA Mortgage Loans. The new interest and APR rates are shared below.

FHA Mortgage Loans – US Bank 28th July
FHA – 30 Year Fixed 3.875% Interest Rate 4.401% APR
FHA – 15 Year Fixed 3.375% Interest Rate 3.965% APR

VA Mortgage Loans – US Bank 28th July
VA – 30 Year Fixed 4.125% Interest Rate 4.463% APR
VA – 15 Year Fixed 3.5% Interest Rate 4.085% APR

For the larger amounts of mortgage loans, the bank offered latest rates for 30 Year, 20 Year and 15 Year Fixed Rate under their Jumbo Loan category. Details are provided in the following table for each product.

Jumbo Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans – US Bank 28th July
Jumbo – 30 Year Fixed 4% Interest Rate 4.083% APR
Jumbo – 20 Year Fixed 4% Interest Rate 4.115% APR
Jumbo – 15 Year Fixed 3.75% Interest Rate 3.896% APR

Disclaimer: The advertised rates were submitted by each individual lender/broker on the date indicated. Rate/APR terms offered by advertisers may differ from those listed above based on the creditworthiness of the borrower and other differences between an individual loan and the loan criteria used for the quotes.