Updated iOS 9.3: Activation Lock Bug Fix; Persistent Safari & App Errors Continue

Updated iOS 9.3: Activation Lock Bug Fix; Persistent Safari & App Errors Continue
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Following a series of complaints from users, Apple finally released an updated iOS 9.3 to fix the Activation Lock Bug and other issues related to Safari and apps on the new OS. A newer version of the OS with a fresh “build number” is expected to combat the bugs and viruses. Although the Cupertino firm has resolved the problem to a great extent, there still remains a few lingering issues.


Owners of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were mostly affected by the bug issue. Last week, they took to Apple’s help forum and Twitter to complain that  they can’t unlock their devices and can’t have access to messages, Safari, mail notes and apps. The bugs were even spotted on older iPad models.

To avail of the advantages of the newer version of iOS 9.3, users will have to follow a few rules for signing up for the new OS on their older iPhones and iPad 2. However, Apple’s recent tweets are a clear indication that there are persistent errors in the older OS forcing the devices to crash unexpectedly, reports CNBC.

Apple’s discussion forum is flooded with complaints, but a few users reported viable solutions. According to one of them, “Some people have reported that disabling JavaScript partially solves the issue for opening links in Safari, but the problem persists in other apps.”

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9to5Mac claims that the cause of the issue is still unclear, since the bugs appear sporadically on older iPhones affecting apps, 3D touch and other features on the phones. Even uninstalling the app and rebooting your device won’t help, says Apple. There were similar bug issues spotted on iOS 9.2.1, suggesting that the issue is not solely limited to Apple’s latest OS.

iOS 9.3 was released amid much fanfare at an event last week. The most notable features of the OS are fresh updates for CarPlay, a suite of educational software and a new night-reading setting. Other updates include News and Health apps and latest tweaks to performance, states FirstPost.

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