Upcoming VH1 TV Series ‘Satan’s Sisters’ Stars Vanessa Williams

Upcoming VH1 TV Series ‘Satan’s Sisters’ Stars Vanessa Williams
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VH1 is going to get cat-nasty with naughty girls as production for its upcoming TV series Satan’s Sisters is due this 2017. Starring Vanessa Williams in the lead role, the Star Jones novel-inspired franchise will showcase the truth behind hosts of talk shows and how on-screen relationships tend to be for the benefit of a show.


Written by Star Jones, Satan’s Sisters was a best-selling book, and with the success, it will finally grace the television screen. “The View” was hosted by Jones, along with Vanessa Williams.

As reported by TV Series Finale, the on-screen relationship between Jones and Williams have bred another project as the latter is cast to play the lead role Maxine in the series.

Williams’ role is that of an influential woman who despises being put out of the spotlight, reports Deadline. Maxine, along with four women, will co-host a talk show where they would cover topics on love, politics, family, gossip, and life in general.

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Although these five women showcase a friendly relationship on-screen, when the cameras are down, they deal with each other’s diva fits, personal demons, power struggles, man complications, and love affairs.

The upcoming series will be produced by Josh Berman of “Drop Dead Diva,” Suzanne de Passe of “The Temptations” and “Lonesome Dove,” along with Madison Jones. Wendy and Amy Engelberg along with Susan Levison will also executive produce and write the series. Suzanne Coston will serve as the co-executive producer, and the series would serve as a Sony Pictures Television co-production.

Catch Satan’s Sisters on VH1 this 2017, starring Vanessa Williams in the lead role of Maxine.

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