Upcoming iPhone 6 Reportedly Comes with New Mobile Payment System

Upcoming iPhone 6 Reportedly Comes with New Mobile Payment System
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iphone%206 Upcoming iPhone 6 Reportedly Comes with New Mobile Payment SystemLabor Day is a good time to come across several iPhone rumors, which has become a tradition for several years now. As excited consumers await the new iPhone announcement this coming September 9, one can’t help but be surprised and thrilled about the speculated new features of the upcoming smartphone.


This time, there are rumors that Apple Inc is set to make its iPhone 6 a mobile wallet that enables users to facilitate mobile payments securely with just a touch of a finger. According to a report, the technology firm has entered into an agreement with credit card company American Express to make this endeavor possible.

On another report, Apple has supposedly also entered into agreements with Visa and MasterCard so it could finally launch its new mobile payment system. The mobile wallet would reportedly be enabled on the upcoming iPhone 6 using the near-field communication (NFC) technology that in turn facilitates transfer of data wirelessly in a short-distance.

NFC plus touch

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The reports also point out that the NFC would be combined with Apple’s own Touch ID fingerprint recognition feature, which has been introduced to consumers through the most recent iPhone. Thus, this will enable users to make mobile payments with just a touch of a finger.

According to the experts, the new mobile payment system would pave the way for further development and widespread adoption of this technology if iPhone6 gets it right. This means that paying for goods and services using smartophones could possibly be more common in the future.

High hopes on iPhone 6

The technology that enables payment with just a tap of a smartphone is not actually a new concept. It has been around for several years now. In fact, a user can tap his Samsung Galaxy S5 with NFC capability or any NFC-enabled credit or debit card at POS (point-of-sale) terminals in some establishments today.

Among the early adopters of the technology is drugstore chain Walgreen. However, awareness as well as usage of this remains low up to this day. But that may instantly change if it comes to iPhone 6. That is not surprising given the large volume of iTunes account holders (up to 800 million) around the world.