Unnamed LG Device Receives US Certification From FCC

Unnamed LG Device Receives US Certification From FCC
LG G3 Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Reports suggest that LG is working on an unnamed device that can either be a variant of LG G4 or a completely new smartphone. The company has recently given us two great smartphones, Nexus 5X and LG V10.


Now let’s see what this new device might look like and if it will stand true to expectations, as the last two devices have raised the standards of the company.

Several stories from different publications suggest that this unnamed device from LG has received certification in the United States from FCC. The model number of this phone is said to be “LG-H815PX.” As the variants of LG G4 are known as “H815P” and “H815” in South Africa and South America, respectively, experts believe that this upcoming phone is a new G4 model. The FCC document that has surfaced online suggests that there will be no hardware changes and that the device will support wireless charging.

There are also rumors that this mysterious phone is LG G5, which is set to launch this November. As LG’s next phone is coming after the launch of Snapdragon 820, this new device can be powered by this powerful chip. There are many devices lined up for 2016 that were waiting for the launch of Snapdragon 820. This way, they can be released with Qualcomm’s powerful chipset and Google’s latest OS, Android Marshmallow. But as the chipset has been officially launched, the release date of many upcoming devices may change. LG’s upcoming phone may have been one of those, and it can be expected to be announced sooner than expected with the latest technologies.

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