Uniqlo Sex Video: Customers Flock Beijing Branch After Spread Of Video

Uniqlo Sex Video: Customers Flock Beijing Branch After Spread Of Video
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A sex video shot in a Uniqlo fitting room in Beijing has angered China, placing the Japanese clothing company in a bad light after online searches soared this week.


The video shows a young couple having sex in the fitting room of a Uniqlo store located in Beijing. The woman can be seen naked from head to toe while the man wears a shirt. In the middle of the 71-second clip, an announcer can be heard in the background welcoming customers and reminding everyone that the fitting rooms can be found on the second and third floor, while the cashiers are on the ground floor.

The man can be heard whispering to the girl, “Call me husband,” then “Say we’ll be together.”

Skeptics were quick to think that the clip was a mere publicity stunt done by the clothing company. But Uniqlo denied any involvement and issued a statement, saying, “We would like to remind the public to uphold social morality and use our fitting rooms in a correct and proper way.

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“We also firmly deny some online allegations saying the video is our publicity stunt.”

CNN has interviewed a few customers who came to the store days after the clip surfaced online.

“I came here because of the clip,” said a young Chinese man while talking a photo of himself in front of the Uniqlo branch.

Meanwhile, the Cyberspace Administration of China immediately reprimanded social media websites for the spread of the video. “We appeal to the majority of Internet users to jointly maintain a good network ecosystem.”