UK Warned Of Potential Chlorine Bomb Attacks By Returning ISIS Jihadists

UK Warned Of Potential Chlorine Bomb Attacks By Returning ISIS Jihadists
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Chemical warfare experts warned the British government, the country and its people of potential chlorine-based terror attacks by returning terrorists linked to the dreaded Islamic State (IS) militants from Syria and Iraq.


Counterterrorism police operatives believed IS fighters have resorted to the chlorine-laced bombs as “chemical weapon of choice” because the ingredient can easily be obtained in the UK. Anyone in Britain can buy 90 tons of chlorine even without a license.

Colonel Hamish de Bretton-Gordon, who used to be a commanding officer from the Joint Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Regiment, told The Times materials for improvised bombs can also even be sourced in a waste site. The cylinder on the back of the household fridges holds a certain gas that can be used for home-made explosives. All those IS fighters need to do is just to “get a whole bunch of these things and blow them up.”

For better impact, he said the radical militants could choose the London Underground network for more carnage. Others could be the mainline railway network or in a shopping center.

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“As more jihadists return to this country there is a growing chance (of various chemical bomb attack). That to me puts it through the threshold where we should look into this seriously,” de Bretton-Gordon warned.

An unidentified retired Brigadier General interviewed by Sputnik International said the threat of a chemical attack is real not only for UK but also to all countries accepting nationals returning from Islamic State front. These include France and Denmark.

Estimates earlier released by the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center revealed the radical Islamic group has attracted 20,000 foreign fighters in the last three years alone. Some 500 of these were Britons.