UK Elections 2015: Candidates Prepare For Final Day Of Campaigns

UK Elections 2015: Candidates Prepare For Final Day Of Campaigns
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As time ticks for the 2015 UK General Elections, party leaders and candidates are quickly wrapping up their final rounds of campaign. The Prime Ministerial candidates are running final campaigns to influence the public and grab votes for various agendas.


Current Prime Minister David Cameron promised a “brighter future” for Britain while Labour’s Ed Miliband, who is holding the opposition seat since 2010, pledge for “a government that will put working people first.”

Lib Dem leader and current deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg promises to offer “stability and decency.”

Polls suggest that no party will get majority seats in the United Kingdom elections, scheduled to be held on May 7 2015.

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BBC political editor James Landale said that politicians, people responsible with polls, and the media are assuming if by chance no party gets majority, the next step becomes unclear.

“As such, Thursday might not be the end of the process,” James Landale said.

“It might just be the calling of the half-time whistle.”

Ahead of Thursday’s poll, Cameron left for North West England, Scotland and the Midlands while Mr Miliband is heading to Conservative-held marginal seats in the north of England to run final election campaigns.

The British people will make “their most important decision for a generation,” said the PM, whose Conservative Party won 307 seats in 2010.

“When you go into the polling booth tomorrow – know this: your vote really can make a difference.

“You can deliver a stable government and have a secure future, but only if you vote Conservative and for me as your prime minister,” PM Cameron said in his election speech.

David Cameron admitted that being Prime Minister gave him a few “lonely moments.”

“There are decisions you have to take – dealing with terrorism and hostages and deploying troops – those decisions in the end one person has to make.”