UK, China Strengthen Civil Nuclear Partnership

UK, China Strengthen Civil Nuclear Partnership
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UK Chancellor George Osborne and Chinese Vice Premier Ma Kai strengthen their county’s relationship with regards to nuclear developments. The chancellor announced a 2 billion-pound worth investment to a new nuclear power station in the UK to be supported by China General Nuclear Corporation and China National Nuclear Corporation.


“This is a partnership built on lasting economic ties and growing cooperation. So with Vice Premier Ma’s personal support we are strengthening our partnership in nuclear energy,” the Chancellor said in his announcement.

Osborne also announced that UK and China will work together to co-fund a 50 million-pound cutting-edge nuclear research center to be headquartered in the UK. The two nations will also enter a regional collaboration agreement in building commercial nuclear decommissioning and waste management businesses in Cumbria and Sichuan Province.

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“Our message to our Chinese counterparts is clear, I want the UK to be China’s best partner in the West. I want us to enjoy a golden decade where we help each other to grow, to create jobs and raise living standards,” Osborne said in a statement.

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“For the UK this means developing stronger links with dynamic economies such as China’s. And being able to take advantage of the opportunities that a growing, reforming, rebalancing Chinese economy offers,” Osborne stressed.

In an interview with BBC radio 4’s Today, Osborne reiterated UK’s good impression of China. He said the country is a “phenomenal part of the world economy” and “a very important part of Britain’s economic future.” Working together, the UK and China could the best partners in the West.

He said the two countries should work together to make the UK “China’s best partner in the West.”

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