UFO Sightings 2016: Airline Tracker System In New Zealand Spots Mysterious Object 150 Times Faster Than A Plane

UFO Sightings 2016: Airline Tracker System In New Zealand Spots Mysterious Object 150 Times Faster Than A Plane
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It seems that extraterrestrials are getting bolder and bolder as time goes on with the ever increasing number of UFO sightings. This time, an airline tracker in New Zealand spots a mysterious object on radar travelling over 150 times faster than a standard passenger plane.


The object known only by its ID ZED-KG-DG does not exist anywhere on the FAA’s records. This given ID does not belong to a plane which means only one thing, it is an unknown.

According to UFO Sightings Daily, this ID is given to objects tracked by radar to which the FAA has no control. The alien craft was apparently travelling around the world daily but was continuously ignored by authorities.

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It was not until the UFO sightings made headlines that the unknown craft earn their attention. The question now is, are they really hell bent on finding the truth or are they in full damage control mode.

UFO Sightings In New Zealand Flies 150 Times Faster Than A Plane

New Zealand news reported that the unknown object was travelling at a speed 150 times faster than a normal jet. This is the first time in history that a piece of technology has gathered irrefutable proof of extraterrestrials.

Most sightings involve UFOs hovering in place, however, the New Zealand sighting is unique due to the fact that it is moving, quite fast. At such speeds, the craft can easily outrun even the most advanced military aircraft.

But what bothers conspiracy more than the prospect of advanced technology is the government hiding the truth. Without transparency, they believe crucial information is being withheld information that could prove useful in the event of say, an invasion.

Could our government be hiding the fact that aliens exist because they are currently in the process of securing a pact with them? What are your thoughts regarding these latest UFO sightings? Further the discussion in the comments below.

Watch the video here:

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  • Corolla Sedan

    Asking me yes I do know they exist.I was 10 years old when I saw in 1952 huge narrow match like craft landing on the left bottom side of moon.That same year I have seen hundreds if not more of silvery crafts going in formation from south to north,which Government dismisses as leaflets thrown from plane,but no leaflet comes to ground.Their formation was like airshow in slow speed they were.Same year white house reported them as well.Regardless who says what I know for sure that we are run by 3 levels of governments.First level aliens second level elite third level your politicians.And there is war going in space between bad and good aliens for long long time.Human people in the know know that average human mind polluted with religious beliefs will not be able to handle the truth.I’m handling it very well as I have this huge appetite for truth which is suppressed globally,by clergy business and politicians.I must admit that I’m not religious but very connected spiritually.